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Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
Maca is a Peruvian tuber grown high in the Andes. With centuries of traditional medicinal use, Maca is most often used for energy, to increase fertility, and as a sexual stimulant.
Maitake is an edible and medicinal mushroom that is noted for its immune boosting effects, cardiovascular support, and is often recommended for the stomach and intestines.
Male Support
These herbs and formulas enhance, nourish, and balance male energies.
Marshmallow Root
Marshmallow Root is recognized for its ability to soothe and soften irritated tissue, particularly mucous membranes, and to loosen a cough.
Meadowsweet is useful for minor pains as an anti-inflammatory; fevers, colds and flu; acid dyspepsia (heartburn), gastritis; diahrrhea (especially with children).
Milk Thistle
Available in capsule and liquid form, Milk Thistle is widely respected for its use to detoxify as well as tonify the liver.
Historically used by the Druids as a cure for sterility, epilepsy and as an antidote for poison, mistletoe is used today for headaches, nerves, and arthritic pains.
Motherwort is a mild vasodilator, having a relaxing effect on smooth muscles.
Muira Puama Root
Often referred to as Potency Wood or Raiz del Macho (Root of the Male), Muira Puama Root is a Brazilian natural sexual stimulate praised for its invigorating action.
Mullein is an herb generally used as an expectorant specific for bronchitis with hard cough and soreness. Mullein is also commonly used for cold and congestion.
Mushrooms have a long history of medicinal use. Browse our wide selection of medicinal mushrooms and medicinal mushroom formulas.
Myrrh Gum
Traditionally, Myrth has been used as a topical skin soother. It's also used as a dietary supplement for improved throat and bronchial health, and supports the natural defense system. Applied topically or as a mouthwash, Myrrh is popular for gum irritations.