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Papaya is rich in the enzyme Papain, which is a digestive enzyme that aids in the breakdown of meats and other proteins.
Partridgeberry (Squaw Vine)
Partridgeberry has been used historically by Native American women to treat menstrual pains and cramps, to regulate menstruation and relieve heavy bleeding, and to induce childbirth and ease delivery. Partridgeberry is now recommended by herbalists for similar reasons.
Passion Flower
Passion Flower is an herb traditionally prized for its relaxing and antianxiety effects
Pau D'Arco
Pau d'Arco also known as Taheebo or Ipe Roxo, is a Brazilian herb that is generally used to strengthen the immune system.
Peppermint, referred to as the world's oldest medicine, has a long history of use for help soothe upset stomachs, inhibit the growth of certain bacterias, and soothe and calm skin and muscles when applied topically.
Periwinkle is said to ease toothache and the tea to ease bleeding and swollen tonsils. It is currently being studied as a cure for cancer. South African natives have used Periwinkle as a substitute for insulin for diabetes.
Pipsissewa is mainly used in an infusion for urinary tract problems such as cystitis and urethritis. Pipsissewa has also been prescribed for more serious conditions such as gonorrhea and kidney stones.
Externally, Plantain is effective on any kind of skin disorder. It is also effective as an agent in drawing out poison (ie: bee stings, snake bites, spider bites) and it effectively draws out splinters or thorns and reduces the risk of scarring with more severe cuts and scrapes. Internally, Plantain is effective as a general detoxifier in the body.
Pleurisy Root
Pleurisy root was used by Native American tribes internally as a remedy for pulmonary infections. Today the plant is primarily used for lung problems such as pleurisy, bronchitis and pneumonia.
Prickly Ash
Prickly Ash is useful to the nervous and circulatory systems. It also enhances secretions, general metabolism and immune system function.
Psyllium Husks
Psyllium Husks provide high levels of fiber that is unequalled in removing accumulated wastes effectively, and has been used for thousands of years in Asia, Europe, and North Africa as a laxative.
Pugeum bark extracts contain several compounds that are thought to be beneficial for prostate health and for the treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).