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MacroLife Naturals
Miracle Greens is a non-allergenic nutrient-rich super food supplement that optimizes pH for stimulant-free health and surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vegetables without the calories or carbohydrates. Nutrition, health and fitness expert Sylvia Ortiz and leading chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner created Miracle Greens in 1996 as a comprehensive single-source nutritional supplement that provides nutrients, minerals, energy, and tastes good.
Magellan is a leader in the consumer, survey, GIS and OEM GPS navigation and positioning markets. Recognized as an industry innovator, the Company is the creator of the award-winning Magellan® RoadMate™ series portable car navigation systems, the Magellan eXplorist™ outdoor handheld navigation devices, the Hertz NeverLost® car navigation system and ProMark™, the best-selling single frequency GPS survey product line on the market.
MET-Rx continues to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition with a diverse range of products engineered for the next generation of athletes. All those who use state-of-the-art nutrition to achieve their goals - and who never, ever accept limits of mind, body or spirit - are the ones we call… Team MET-Rx?.
You want the best science has to offer because you want RESULTS! That's exactly what you'll get when you buy an MHP supplement. MHP has made tremendous progress in the sports supplement industry in recent years. Products such as T-BOMB II , TRAC Extreme-NO and Probolic-SR have revolutionized the industry and produced measurable results for thousands upon thousands of people. As impressive as these breakthroughs are, though, we aren't satisfied! We feel that we haven't even scratched the surface of what can be done in the area of sports supplementation! Our company was born out of a friendship between World Class Bodybuilder, Gerard Dente, and Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD, a world-renowned hormonal manipulation and anti-aging physician. A working relationship between Giampapa's staff of expert scientists and doctors, and the staff of sports nutritionists and biochemists at MHP has made it possible to provide YOU with the most technologically advanced sports nutrition supplements available through modern science.
Muscle Marketing
MMUSA came into being as the first company in the world to transform the creatine monohydrate into a stable, soluble state named Creatine Phosphate Complex™. Dr. Amir Zeibak, Founder and CEO of MMUSA had his answer and set out to share this discovery with fellow sportsmen and women; a safe, unique and effective alternative to solid supplements. The world of sports nutrition would never be the same. What athletes once thought could never be done had became a regular part of their nutrient intake and training schedule. And a breakthrough in achieving their goals. Following the success of the Creatine Serum, MMUSA intensified their scientific research, using the new technologies to develop highly soluble, fast acting serums targeted at meeting specific athletic needs. Since 1995, MMUSA's Serums are used by athletes across North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Russia. Like the athletes that use its supplements, MMUSA continues to better its personal best.
MuscleTech represents innovation through science. With a dedication to producing the most effective sports nutrition products on the planet, MuscleTech continues to deliver un paralleled results.