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Odwalla's vision has always been to nourish people everywhere with the ineffably honest art and rhythm of nature's offerings. We live on the principle of respect--respect for our consumers who rely on us for consistent quality in taste and nourishment and respect for the earth on which we rely for holistic nourishment.
Okamoto has been one of the leading manufacturers of condoms in the world since 1934. Okamoto's state-of-the art manufacturing and testing processes enable us to make a thinner, Stronger, and Silky Soft condom for a sensuous natural experience. BEYOND SEVEN Condoms and CrownŽ Condoms are "The closest thing to nothing at all"
Optimum Nutrition
From the beginning, Optimum Nutrition customers have been our number one priority. While strict quality control, lab testing, and manufacturing under tightly controlled conditions are all very important, they are all done for one reason - to bring you high quality, affordable supplements. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and are pleased to report that nearly all of our first-time customers become devoted patrons. You can be confident that from the moment a product is conceived to the moment it leaves our facility we put only the best into Optimum Nutrition so you only put the best into your body.
Organic Food Bar
Organic Food Bar Inc. was created to provide the highest quality organic products possible in a convenient, great tasting, affordable way. Our product expertise and philosophy comes from three generations of Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors producing quality health foods and nutritional products for over 30 years. Organic farming produces higher quality food while enhancing and protecting all living things, including the Earth itself. By supporting companies that produce organic products, our customers help us build a better future for us and our future generations, while improving their health.
Protos Foods Inc. was founded in 1996 on the belief that consumers have become more focused on wellness and the major role that nutrition plays in a wellness program. The Company's first line of products was OSTRIM Beef and Ostrich Meat Sticks, designed for people who are serious about their nutrition. This line is made from a combination of naturally-raised ostrich meat and lean beef with no fillers.. OSTRIM was the first and remains the #1 sports nutrition meat snack in the US market. The company's vision is to continuously introduce new meat snacks under the OSTRIM name that offer excellence in nutrition, taste and convenience.